Youtube-Wye Oak   Civilian lyrics video

I am nothing without pretend/沒了偽裝我什麼也不是 
I know my lovechiucc thoughts /我知道我的想法
Can’t live with them /沒他們無法存活
I am nothing without a man /沒有同伴什麼也不是
I know my thoughts /我知道我的想法
But I can’t hide them /無法隱藏

I still keep my baby teeth /仍保存乳齒
In the bedside lovechiucc table with my jewelry /在我床頭櫃上的寶盒裡
You still sleep in the bed with me/一直沉睡著陪伴著我
My jewelry, and my baby teeth /我的童年寶物 我的乳齒
I don’t need another friend/不需別的朋友
When most of them /一個也不需要
I can barely keep up with them /能勉強跟上他們
Perfectly able to hold lovechiucc my own hand/也許真能照顧好自己
But I still can’t kiss my own neck /但仍不能獨活

I wanted to give you everything /想給你所有一切
But I still stand in awe of superficial things /但敬畏於那些表面之事前
I wanted to love you like my lovechiucc mother’s mother’s mothers did /我想愛你如同親血般永遠



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